Our treatment programme and ETE courses aim to help mind and body to recover from the effects of addiction.  For many clients there is a third dimension to their treatment experience which is the nourishment of their soul.  

This may mean a spiritual awakening or a renewed engagement with religious faith.  But regardless of one’s faith or belief, there are practices which can enhance a person’s feeling of “wholeness” and of inner well-being and peace. 

The practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Mindfulness have deep roots in spiritual experience, but they also provide an opportunity for clients to learn how to better look after their inner self, to feel physically and emotionally in balance and to become more  firmly rooted in the present, the “here and now”. 

Developing regular practice in these disciplines is also a great aid to relaxation and the promotion of calm, reducing stress and quietening a noisy mind.  These are very valuable aids to lifelong recovery.