Art and other creative activities can be very helpful in the process of recovery from addiction.  Painting and drawing provide forms of expression for feelings that cannot easily be identified or put into words.  We find that our art classes raise self-esteem and nothing compares with seeing the sheer delight of a client completing a piece of work which satisfies their own desire to create.

The art workshops support clients to express their feelings in a creative way, and can transform difficult feelings: “I was raging when I came in to the workshop and now I feel totally calm.”

We periodically take part in community art projects which involve a group of clients working collaboratively with local artists.

Recently we have begun to provide additional workshops which are run by The Owl Barn Collective, a group of young graduate artists who volunteer to provide weekly sessions with our clients.

Art can be calming, relaxing and help to build confidence. Clients take pride in having their work displayed in the STAR Centre, at the Owl Barn and in their local community.