“Music is universal – it brings everyone together” says Martha, as the Music Group is interrupted to answer the question: “why are we singing in treatment?”

Here are some more responses from the group:-
- It’s a bit of escapism.
- It’s given me inspiration to pick it up again.
- It’s really good. I look forward to it every week – two hours to get away from that counselling, therapeutic kind of thing.  This is a different kind of therapy.

We listened in on a session and spoke to the group as they were rehearsing Neil Young's "Harvest Moon"

The group’s tutor explains: We get different people coming through with different tastes in music, so we vary it a lot.  I like to give everyone a chance to play what they want to play. A lot of people talk about the relief of just coming in here and having a laugh, basically.

With acknowledgement to The Cranberries, here is our singing group in full voice: