Creative Writing

Many of our clients enjoy the opportunity to express themselves through creative writing. For some, it is the chance to realise a long-held ambition, for others a chance to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a way they had never considered before. Our Creative Writing tutor works with clients on a one to one and group basis, to help them explore and express their creativity. Here are just a few examples of their finished work.

I have always nearly forgotten you my soul.
I knew once I died you would go to another place but for so long I have ignored you. I must look after you and comfort you. My soul will be reborn and live again new and free and happily. I will bring it back to life not suppressed by drugs and agony.
It will be like a flower opening, living. A lively soul an open soul. Oh soul how did I forget you. Please forgive me. Let us be friends and care for each other. I should cherish you as I would not be me without you. Free as a bird soaring in the sky flying high with the whole world to see, be as one you and me.

Dani picked up something that I thought was a stone and put it to her eye and passed it me after a few seconds of looking through it. I put it to my eye not knowing what to expect. I could see into it, it was dark and looked like a tunnel.
It was long and dark.
With a light at the end,
a bit like how my head is feeling
a bit cloudy, with spots of light coming through. My thoughts are a bit cloudy at the minute. In time they will be clearer. And the tunnel won’t seem so long, I’ll be standing in the light. The snake the cat the cat the dog how you going to see them if you living in the fog?

Tunnel vision is how it once was for me.
But now I see how beautiful it is
Free from my prison
Free from my addiction
Free to just be.

I used to be in a box,
all those ticks were being ticked,
now it’s different for me.
I’m glad I’m feeling like me,
allowing and being here for the moment

My old life was rough and ragged
all tough and harsh
abusive and disallowing
It’s great to sit here and just be me.
Nothing too harsh or spiky.
Soft and gentle, here in this moment
gentle and peaceful it’s nice to be me,
Allow yourself and others their moment
Allow yourself your journey as you should.
Please don’t judge me, as I don’t wish to judge you.
Let’s all just be ourselves and be accepting
and forgiving of ourselves and each other.
Compassion and empathy are key to me
to listen and learn from each other.
We've all a common theme to be free from pain and be true to ourselves, let’s all allow
each other the space and time we need

There are better things to life than going through the daily grind, looking for the next fix, searching for the next drink, dreaming about a now life, there are better things to life. But you have to do them.