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The Nelson Trust launches the 30th Anniversary Appeal, Stand with Us, calling on everyone in Gloucestershire to give up alcohol for one evening, donating their savings so that more people can get the support they need. 30 years of passion for recovery comes to fruition – join us in donating to help more people get the treatment they need: 

As many as one in three people will know someone with a drink problem that affects their life.

to the challenge. Support those who struggle with addiction and stand with us.


‘My life was completely taken over by drugs for eighteen years. I had hit rock bottom and needed to find a way out of the black hole – that's where the Nelson Trust came in. Now I believe in myself. Anything is possible with the right help at the right time.’ Dave Willmott, four-time international champion kick boxer, Stroud.

 Dave has been clean for six years. He has been able to return to kick boxing, a sport he has loved since childhood. He now works as a personal trainer and East West Thai boxing instructor at Fifth Dimension Gym in Stroud. He aspires to become a top UK coach.

Will you stand with Dave?

Dave hasn’t touched drugs or alcohol since he came to The Nelson Trust for help. Over the last 30 years, 2,100 individuals have been given the opportunity to turn their lives around through our residential abstinence-based rehab centres. Well over 2,500 women and families have experienced life-changing support at the two women’s centres in Gloucester and Swindon. Help us reach more people who need help with addiction.

Research conducted by Onepoll last year found each Briton spends around £787 a year on alcohol. As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re calling on everyone for abstention for one evening to raise awareness of the health benefits and financial savings.

Stand with Dave - make a difference and feel the difference.

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