Niki Gould

Director of Women's Community Services

Niki has delivered and developed services for women for over 10 years, joining the Trust in 2008, and winning an Outstanding Achievement award from The Longford Trust in 2018 for her work with women in prison.

Through the establishment of our award-winning Women’s Centres in 2010, Niki has vast experience of directly supporting women experiencing multiple disadvantage and is committed to developing services which truly meet the needs of women.

Niki is now responsible for our Women’s Services across the South-West and Wales, overseeing Women’s Centres Gloucester, Swindon, Somerset & Bristol and services in HMP Eastwood Park.  Niki also leads on the development of services for women in Wales in contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Niki’s background is Psychology, graduating from The University of Bath in 2006 and later completing a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology. Niki has undertaken research on women’s experiences of prison and release and is passionate about Women’s Voices of Experience informing lasting and systemic change.

 “I am passionate about supporting people to achieve recovery and lasting change and I believe that all women should be given the opportunity to access the support they deserve. I value the principles of offering a safe, non-judgemental, gender-responsive environment in which women can thrive. By utilising a trauma-informed approach, based on relational theory we promote trust, acceptance, hope and empowerment.”

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