Kirsty Day

Director of Recovery
Kirsty Day

Kirsty is Director of Recovery Services at The Nelson Trust. Her role focuses on the whole client experience through Residential Services and into the Hub Enterprises.

A Griffins research fellowship graduate, she has developed a range of specialist programmes and has devised interventions and pathways in community and residential services for women who sell sex. She has been instrumental in championing service delivery change in Trauma Informed approaches at The Nelson Trust.

Her goal is to expand our recovery services further and wider than ever before by merging Recovery Capital and Trauma Informed approaches. She is passionate about offering our clients new opportunities to reintegrate into the community with a solid foundation for their recovery and increased employment prospects.

Her approach is innovative and fresh, based on consultation with our experts by experience panel, making sure we are co-creating the very best service for our clients, guiding them through their potential and turning adversity into triumph.

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