Outcomes and Successes

Please see Treatment Outcomes and Successes for background information about how we record and report the outcomes of our treatment programme.

You can find below what some of our recent clients have said about their experience of this programme, and how their lives have changed as a consequence.

How good is the quality of the care and support we provide?

Two former clients talk about their experience of being in residential treatment...


The Nelson Trust is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which is the statutory body regulating providers of residential care services.  The CQC can carry out unannounced inspections of our premises whenever they wish, and they do so regularly. All CQC reports are publicly available on the internet. For more details of our recent inspections, and what our clients said to the inspectors about their care and support, please go here.

What kind of changes do our clients experience in their lives?                     

At our 27th Anniversary reunion in September 2012 we interviewed a number of our former clients and many of them described achieving peace and contentment, reconciliation with their families, structure and purpose, health and energy – many said that they never expected to enjoy life and look forward to each day until they achieved their recovery with us. Their testimonies can be found here and hopefully you will have time to listen to or read some of these: they are powerful accounts of tough journeys with happy endings.  Across this website we have tried to include many examples of clients’ experiences, and many have talked with great depth of feeling about the ways in which their life has changed since they undertook treatment and achieved recovery.