How the Programme Works

How long does the programme last?

The initial care plan is designed for a period of twelve weeks. However, individual circumstances and needs vary a lot, and some women will want to extend their stay beyond twelve weeks, whilst others will be ready to complete before. Some women will come to Nelson Trust straight from detox or prison whilst others will have already completed a primary treatment programme elsewhere. Progress is reviewed regularly and each woman is involved in planning her move-on in a way that meets her personal needs.

What is it like to experience the programme?

In this photo-film we follow the experience of a client who recently completed the Women's Programme; our client, her peers and staff members talk about that journey of self-discovery and recovery:

What are my first days like?

In this audio clip a client shares her first impressions of arriving and settling in with us.

What else is on offer?

The therapeutic parts of the programme can be emotionally demanding and tiring. To

maintain a healthy balance we also provide a wide range of recreational activities which include six-weekly Outward Bound days, a seasonal Pantomime and occasional Talent Shows, creative and artistic workshops with local artists, and a whole programme of education and training opportunities and taster sessions. Sports, weekly country walks, yoga and aromatherapy also provide an opportunity for you to relax and reflect.  

Discovering new interests and talents can play an important part in a woman's recovery, too...