Where do you live after completing our residential treatment programme?

Old haunts may represent powerful emotional triggers which can raise the risk of relapse. For many people, a move back home is simply not an option.  For others, difficulties with family, problems with dealers, creditors or former associates means that a return home could put their recovery at risk. Some clients were homeless before treatment or may have come to us directly from prison. 

The Nelson Trust offers “low support” resettlement housing for clients as they complete treatment.  Sometimes referred to as “Move On” or “Third Stage” housing, our Resettlement service aims to be a stepping stone between treatment and fully independent living.  For some clients we can offer a "tapered ending" to their treatment, moving into resettlement housing and completing their last few weeks of treatment on a part-time basis.  

What are the advantages of opting for resettlement?

This is what our clients have said about the experience of living in our resettlement houses:


40 resettlement

Our resettlement service comprises of four houses in the local area of both Stroud and Gloucester and are all mixed-gender.

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In each of these houses the arrangements are similar:-

• Occupancy is offered on a twelve-month license agreement.
• All the houses are strictly drug and alcohol-free. Residents who use substances either on or off the premises will be discharged.
• Residents are encouraged to access support and up to six sessions of counselling are available if felt appropriate.
• There are weekly House Meetings with Nelson Trust staff.
• Residents manage their own money, personal shopping, cooking and budgeting, their health care needs and prescribed medication.
• Residents are also responsible for managing their time and their own social contacts.
• Residents can continue to access a range of education and training courses, and will have support from us to access further and higher education courses locally.
• The Nelson Trust provides a 24-hour Emergency On-Call service for residents.
• The Nelson Trust will provide help and support so that every resident finds suitable accommodation to move on to before their resettlement year is over.

Most importantly, our resettlement houses provide a safe and supportive space where clients can consolidate and develop confidence in their recovery.  They can get day-to-day support from their house mates, peers in the community, local Drug and Alcohol agencies and through attending AA, NA and SMART recovery meetings.  And they can feel reassured that if there are unforeseen problems along the road in that first year of recovery, expert support will be close at hand. 

When we have vacancies in our resettlement houses, we welcome applications from people who have successfully completed an addiction treatment programme elsewhere, and who now have at least three months of abstinence.  Please see the box in the top right corner of this page for details of how to apply.