Accredited Courses

Accredited courses

The Nelson Trust is an APT Awards accredited centre allowing us to flexibly develop and deliver apt awards qualifications which are nationally recognised.  We deliver a number of individual units which have been grouped together under the following headings to enable clients to achieve a Level 2 Award in Progression:

Addiction and Society

This consists of three separate units looking at the impact of drug and alcohol use on the individual, and also on family, friends and wider society.  With elements including the physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol, where help and support with substance misuse can be sought and how the criminal justice system operates, clients find this an engaging subject which allows them to study and achieve a qualification at Level 2.



We offer four units in horticulture, including how to grow fruit and vegetables, general gardening skills and garden design.  We have access to several gardens which can be used for practical elements, particularly in garden design, but the course is designed to give plenty of opportunity to learn about gardens, plants and designs in a classroom setting.  Clients who have achieved these qualifications have gone on to further horticultural or conservation courses at one of our local colleges.  Other clients use the skills they have learned to volunteer for local charities, or to work in their own garden when they leave treatment.


This course includes five units, three of which focus on mentoring, one is about substance misuse and the final unit concentrates on the value of volunteering.  The Nelson Trust has developed a Peer Mentoring programme and anyone who wishes to be a Mentor completes this training and achieves the qualification; they then have the option of joining our team of Peer Mentors to help support new clients, or clients transitioning from treatment to resettlement.

We have found our APT Awards programme to be one of the most popular courses that we offer and this is for a number of reasons.  Sometimes people have had negative learning experiences and believe themselves to be poor students, so the apt awards accredited programme offers them the opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive environment whilst discussing subjects they have a genuine interest in and will be able to use when they leave.  Other people need to change job or career direction once they leave treatment and theapt awards programme helps them see other options available to them.  Some people just like to learn and achieve qualifications, and others would like to get into the field of drug and alcohol support work eventually and the APT Awards programme is a good stepping stone.