Creative Courses

We offer a range of creative classes run by talented local artists and tutors.  These bring a balance to the weekly programme, provide an opportunity to relax, to learn new skills or re-discover the pleasure of creativity.  Taking time to experiment, to plan, concentrate and execute a piece of work using techniques and discipline, or to collaborate with others on group works – these can all contribute to a feeling of well-being, being grounded, focused in the “now”. It also gives clients a chance to socialise and interact informally, in a relaxed space which is a contrast to the intensity of the therapeutic work.

Groups and classes are relaxed and informal, with the emphasis on getting a chance to try out new things and find something enjoyable.  The singing group is strictly a pressure-free zone...


...and you can hear the group in full voice in the Voices section of this site.  

It is wonderful to witness people discovering hidden talents and feeling the satisfaction of completing a piece of which they can feel proud. Finished work can be taken away and kept by clients, and is often used to decorate bedrooms as well as adorning the walls of the training centre.

What our clients say:

Painting: “I can now draw, which means I can sit and relax and do it – It really plays a part in my recovery”


Stained Glass: “We use very similar techniques and tools as in medieval's very methodical and helps with forward-planning”

44 stained glass

Pottery: “It was good to experiment with new ideas – I will continue when I get home”

44 pottery2