Community Volunteering

There are many good reasons why clients undertaking treatment can benefit from their participation in community volunteering, and we aim to find opportunities for everyone who is interested. 

Many clients express a desire to “give something back” to the wider community – and we want to do everything we can to encourage this community-minded approach.  Clients can not only develop their skills and their confidence, but also develop relationships with people outside of treatment and the world of addiction and recovery.

It also provides opportunities for clients to discover new interests, skills and talents, to build up their CV and to acquire good references from external organisations.

Over a number of years the Nelson Trust and our clients have developed good relationships with a wide range of voluntary organisations in the local community:

Stroud Valleys Project

works to conserve natural habitats and make them accessible to visitors – walls, paths, fencing and brush-clearing

Teckels Animal Sanctuary

rescue and re-home abandoned and unwanted animals, and they welcome volunteers who cuddle the cats, walk the dogs, clean the kennels and launder the animal bedding.

Charity Shops in Stroud

provide an opportunity for clients to work in close contact with the wider public, taking care of the till, the window displays, and sorting out new donations.  Clients enjoy the normality of a working shift, being treated like an ordinary person without being stigmatised or treated like an outsider.

Cotswold Canals Trust

have dedicated themselves to reclaiming and re-opening several miles of abandoned old canals in the Stroud Valleys. Work here includes rebuilding towpaths, rebuilding locks and lock-gates, scrub clearance and dredging. In  the process, our clients are helping to uncover the industrial past of this area.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

provided an opportunity clearing one of their archaeological sites at Robinswood Country Park and clients have also helped them run their charity Christmas stalls.