The Nelson Trust offers a comprehensive Education Training and Employment Service (ETE) as an integrated part of the treatment programme for every client in residential treatment.  We have a dedicated ETE Training Centre and a team of qualified specialists who provide information, advice and guidance for clients. This service is a Recognised Centre providing APT Awards (access, progress and transform) allowing us to design and deliver relevant, bespoke training courses leading to recognised qualifications. 

This client took the first steps towards a new career through our ETE programme:

This is the general pattern of the programme for clients after their induction period (Addiction Focus Group): mornings are devoted mainly to therapeutic work, group process, house meetings and counselling sessions.  After lunch back at their houses, clients walk down to the other end of the village to our training centre (“The STAR Centre”) where we have specialist workshops and training rooms hosting a varied programme of activities which are all explained on this website.

We feel that it is important to offer education and training for several reasons:-

• Clients welcome a contrast from the emotional intensity of treatment – creative and practical courses allow a mental change of focus and an outlet for self-expression
• Many clients will need some advice, help and support to prepare for future education, employment and simply for structuring and managing their time after treatment
• Clients have an opportunity to try out a range of activities, discovering new or buried talents and interests, tapping into creative skills and discovering the joy of learning and of proving to themselves their potential to learn, to create and to enjoy life
• With our close links to South Gloucestershire & Stroud College and also to many local community groups, clients can begin to experience re-integration into the wider community, participate in mainstream educational and volunteering opportunities.

As our literacy and basic skills tutors explain, it's as much about confidence as anything else:

And this client certainly agrees...

You can explore the ETE pages (through the links on the top left of this page) and the Voices section of our website to learn more about the breadth of activities offered. 

“Because of my past lifestyle I was not aware of what educational and training options there were, so the ETE has been very helpful. It has focused me to do things that I have not tried before. I have found new interests which I will continue with and new goals that I didn't have before.”
Mark W, 2012.