Now I’m happy, healthy, clean and honest. I’m willing to do things. Being clean, I can now make my own choices. The Nelson Trust has given me my life back.

Social care discharged me after six plus years of being in my life. My social worker told me how proud she was and I was proud of myself, more than I have ever been in my life.

If I didn’t get help from The Nelson Trust I could’ve ended up anywhere or I could’ve ended up back in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend and taking the abuse for the rest of my life.

The process of being in rehab made me really aware of what my actions might lead to. To think about what I’m doing and with whom. I think anyone who is offered residential rehabilitation should take it. The crucial part for me was having that extended break being clean with professional support day and night.

Without the The Nelson Trust, I don’t think I would have stopped using and it’s the care once you’ve left, that really makes this place triumph. In recovery housing, we all have the same goal, we all care about each other.

Now I’ve got choices, I’ve got hope. I can actually visualise a really nice future for myself. I can go and do anything and go anywhere and I’m not chained to the substance.

I feel that without services like the Women’s Centre, my recovery wouldn’t of been possible as I had no other safe place to turn to. Now it’s only fair that I give back to other women and hold my hand out and say ‘I know the way out’.

I have my relationship back with my mum and my kids, all you need is someone kind and caring to help you

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