The Sober Parrot Opens

May 5 2018

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The Sober Parrot 57

May the 5th be with You!

But seriously, this isn't a Star Wars joke. This may just be the hippest new venue in Cheltenham. Located at 7 St James' Square, the newest addition to The Hub Enterprises for Recovery is The Sober Parrot.

The Sober Parrot 2


This venue is an ideal place to socialise without alcohol being at the centre of attention. But it isn't just an evening affair. The Sober Parrot is the place to go for coffees, cold drinks and even vegan options for lunch! You can eat in or take food back to the office.

The Nelson Trust Hub Enterprises provide a social environment and volunteering and work opportunites to those in the recovery community. They are also an all-inclusive space where young people can socialise instead of frequenting fast food establishments, and those who do not consume alcohol can relax and enjoy nightlife.

The Hub is currently looking for local artists who would be interested in playing at the venue. You can get in touch by poping in, calling 01242 523665, or grabbing hold of us on social media @thenelsontrust.

The Sober Parrot 11