Join us for our new series: Stories from the frontline

Lisa, The Nelson Trust Communications Officer

Hi, I’m Lisa, a Communications Officer at The Nelson Trust. Today we are starting a new series of stories, talking to workers on the frontline services of our organisation. We hope to give you a glimpse into the lives of the people we support through our organisation and the staff who are championing them.

Having been a client of The Nelson Trust myself, I know firsthand the services of this incredible organisation and I want to share what we’re doing with you. I can’t help thinking about what my life would look like if I was ‘out there’ using drugs, without secure housing, desperate for help, in a destructive and abusive relationship, trapped and frightened.

Without the support of the services that helped me get treatment, funding, a room in a hostel, the keyworkers who would meet up with me, the detox centre and finally landing in rehab to start my journey – I would be broken. Completely lost. A liability. A danger to myself and the wider public.

What we are doing really matters, perhaps more than ever as people are isolated during COVID-19. Our amazing workers are out there, shifting how they work and continuing to offer support so that others who are like me don’t give up on themselves. Even though we are in lockdown, people still deserve to be safe and protected. They still need our help.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be sharing with you how our Womens’ Community Services teams are all supporting each other, as well as our clients, and the feedback they are getting from those they are helping. Our residential rehab workers will tell you about how they are helping the clients who are being shielded, practising safety to the highest standards and still taking in safely monitored admissions. How they are doubling up on emotional wellbeing workshops for their mixed and women’s houses and how everyone is pulling together in a time of uncertainty and outside stress.

Our Heads of Departments will share some best practice and how we are working with partners and stakeholders to keep putting the wellbeing of clients at the forefront of what we do. How we’re staying part of the wider conversation in our communities as well as on a national level.

These stories will show how we are ALL coming together to unite in a way that has never been known before. You’ll hear how our Hub Enterprises are doing incredible work alongside The Long Table and the Feeding the 5,000 project, delivering food to those in most need.

I hope you enjoy this series and it gives you a glimpse of the kind of love and support I now have in my life because of The Nelson Trust. My family have their daughter and sister back. I am a good friend, responsible dog owner. I love my job and having the chance to have a voice.

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