Jeremy Paxman at The Nelson Trust Annual Lecture


CEO of The Nelson Trust, John Trolan and Jeremy Paxman at the Trust’s annual fundraising lecture.

Supporters of The Nelson Trust were treated to an evening with Jeremy Paxman where he entertained the audience with anecdotes from his experiences and book A Life in Questions.

Writer and journalist Henry Porter interviewed Jeremy at The Nelson Trust Annual Lecture on 26th October, held in the lecture theatre at Beaudesert Park School. Partway through the evening they were joined by Jeremy’s dog Derek, who was adopted from Battersea Dogs’ Home. Derek did very well at easing some of the tension when the discussion strayed into Brexit (which had been designated no-go zone at the start of the evening).

Jeremy spoke about his time as a correspondent covering The Troubles in Northern Ireland and the stress of reporting from places such as Beirut, Uganda and Central America.

When asked who the most interesting people he has interviewed over the years he replied, “It’s not the politicians but the religious leaders. They deal with the why of life.”

Jeremy said he is quite optimistic about the future as he believes we have a younger generation who want to do good. On presenting University Challenge he said, “I like it because it challenges the lie of the Daily Mail stereotype of young people not knowing anything.”

Jeremy and Henry had an almost heated discussion around government and politics before ending with some questions from the audience. Jeremy was asked who his heroes are to which he replied, “I admire those who do their best despite the challenges.”

When asked if he feels his life has been a success, Jeremy replied with a smile, “I think if I worked for The Nelson Trust I’d be a better person.”

The event was organised by The Nelson Trust Fundraising Committee and over £6,000 was raised for The Nelson Trust.

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