“I’m the sort of person that finds it difficult to stay still, I like to be hands on: keep busy. The Hub helped me enormously in my recovery; it helped me keep active. I volunteered for the Hub for 7 months and with their support I was able to access a plumbing course.”

Volunteer at The Hub Maintains, now in employment.

Recovery from addiction is more than just abstaining from substances. The Hubs serve the recovery community by providing:

  • Therapeutic ways to explore the recovery journey, for example, through art, writing and alternative therapies.
  • Training in life skills to help people get back on their feet and look after themselves.
  • Education to help people return to work.

We operate four enterprises, with the aim of becoming self-sustaining. Not just financially sustainable but also, through the development of a strong, confident and effective service user-led community. The volunteers in our enterprises are gaining real-world experience to help them get a job.

high flyers

Hub Academy: The High Flyers

For people in recovery from addiction, one of the first steps on their journey is to re-engage in some kind of education, training or meaningful activity. At The High Flyers our aim is to provide both a supportive learning environment for people recovering from addiction and associated trauma and a comfortable conference and training space for delivery of CPD to professionals.


hub spirit level

Hub Maintains: The Spirit Level

The Hub Maintains is a property maintenance micro-enterprise, which provides high quality workmanship for a range of building and garden maintenance issues. The Hub Maintains has created employment opportunities for volunteers, not only in the enterprise itself, but also with outside organisations.

hub cafe clean plate

Hub Café: The Clean Plate

The Clean Plate is a not-for-profit community cafe based in Gloucester City Centre. Alongside serving breakfasts, lunches, teas and coffees, we also have regular groups running in the cafe. We have rooms to hire and do a variety of different external catering for all occasions.

sober parrot

Hub Live: The Sober Parrot

The Sober Parrot is a not-for-profit, charity run cafe, live music venue and alcohol-free bar based in the centre of Cheltenham.


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