Who is the residential programme for?
Who can access residential treatment service?
Description of Service
Where will I stay?
How long does the programme last?
What else is on offer?
Gift Aid
Who is the residential programme for?

Individuals seeking an abstinence-based residential treatment programme to achieve lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Who can access residential treatment service?

Adults (17+) who have a drug or alcohol addiction and who:

  1. have been assessed and referred by their local specialist Substance Misuse service, for example their Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)


  1. can fund their own treatment programme
Description of Service

A residential addiction treatment programme combining a holistic, person-centred approach and cognitive therapy within a therapeutic community setting where we can address the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people seeking to recover from addiction.  The treatment service includes an integrated Education Training and Employment (ETE) programme and continuity of care through our resettlement housing service.

We can work with people who have a dual mental health diagnosis, people in the criminal justice system, and we have a dedicated Women’s Service for those women who would benefit from treatment in a female-only environment.

Where will I stay?

We have four residential houses in the village of Brimscombe, close to our treatment and training centres.  This link will show you a gallery of images which take you inside our treatment houses.

How long does the programme last?

The initial care plan is designed for a period of twelve weeks. However, individual circumstances and needs vary a lot, and some clients will want to extend their stay beyond twelve weeks, whilst others may be ready to complete earlier. Progress is reviewed regularly and clients are involved in planning their move-on in a way that meets their personal needs.

What else is on offer?

The therapeutic parts of the programme can be emotionally demanding and tiring.  To maintain a healthy balance we also provide a wide range of recreational activities which include Outward Bound days, creative and artistic workshops, a seasonal Pantomime and occasional Talent Shows, and a whole programme of education and training opportunities and taster sessions.  Sports, weekly country walks, yoga, aromatherapy and gardening also provide an opportunity for you to relax and reflect.

Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?
Gift Aid is a government scheme which allows charities to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on your donations through UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

All individual donations (excluding those made through the Charities Aid Foundation, which are already subject to tax relief) are eligible for the scheme – including regular gifts such as Standing Orders and Direct Debits.
We can claim Gift Aid on donations made in the last four years and on future donations once we receive your declaration.

How do I sign up for Gift Aid with The Nelson Trust?
Fill in this simple online form or you can complete a Gift Aid declaration and post this to us at: The Nelson Trust, Port Lane, Brimscombe. Stroud. Gloucester GL5 2QJ.

Questions about tax
How do I know if I am a UK taxpayer?
You are a UK taxpayer if:

  • Tax is taken from your wages or pension before you receive them.
  • You have to fill in a self-assessment form.
  • You have any taxable savings (in a building society, for instance), a pension plan or investment income, or you have recently paid any Capital Gains Tax/expect to pay it in the near future. This could be on the sale of a property or some shares, for example.

Remember by signing up to Gift Aid, you are confirming that you are an eligible taxpayer who has paid sufficient tax (and that if you haven’t paid enough tax, it’ll be up to you to make up the difference).

What if I pay tax at the higher rate?
We can only claim back tax at the basic rate, but that is still worth 25% extra on your donations to us, so please provide us with a declaration anyway.
If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of tax on the total (gross) value of your donation to The Nelson Trust. You can make this claim on your Self-Assessment Tax Return if you were sent one. We would suggest speaking to your accountant if you would like to do this.

How can The Nelson Trust reclaim 25% when the basic rate of tax is currently 20%?
This is because the basic rate of tax is calculated on the gross amount of the donation, i.e. we can reclaim 20% of the amount you earned before tax was deducted from you – and this works out to 25% of the amount that we receive.

What if I am a pensioner?
You may still be paying tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or pay Capital Gains Tax if you sell property or shares. You are still eligible if you have paid enough tax during the year to cover your donations (i.e. 25% of the value of your gifts).

I am not a taxpayer but my partner is and the donations are made by us jointly. Are our gifts still eligible?
Your gifts are still eligible for Gift Aid, but we need both your details separately for our records. Please contact our fundraising team on 01453 732072 and we will be able arrange this for you.

What if I was a taxpayer last year, but am not this year?
If your circumstances or personal details have changed in any way, please call the Fundraising team 01453 732072 and we will update your record.

What if I have a Deed of Covenant?
Deeds of Covenant are no longer valid as Gift Aid declarations. Even if you do have a Deed of Covenant, we’d appreciate it if you sign a Gift Aid declaration as a back-up for us.

Can Gift Aid be claimed on Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) donations?
We cannot reclaim tax on donations made through the Charities Aid Foundation as the tax has already been reclaimed for you – however please complete and return the declaration form anyway so we can reclaim the tax on any other non-CAF donations.

What if I have agreed to Gift Aid to another charity?
You can support as many UK charities as you like through Gift Aid. You just need to return a declaration to each charity that you support and be paying enough tax during the year to cover your total annual donations.

Do I have to make a declaration with every gift?
No. You just need to do it once and it will cover gifts you have already made to The Nelson Trust in the last four years and gifts you make in the future, until you let us know otherwise.

Can you claim Gift Aid on sponsorship/donations I’m paying in on behalf of others?
Yes, we can claim Gift Aid on these donations! You will need to have the details of the individuals and their permission to Gift Aid. If you have taken part in a sponsored event for The Nelson Trust, please send your sponsorship form to The Nelson Trust, Port Lane, Brimscombe. Stroud, Gloucestershire.

When paying in donations on behalf of others, you just need to let us know their full name, home address (including postcode) and the amount each individual gave. If you have any questions, please call the fundraising team on 01453 732072.

Can you claim Gift Aid on all types of donation?
All individual donations are eligible for Gift Aid. Donations and collections from a group (e.g. office, department, local church or choir) are not eligible for Gift Aid – except if individual envelopes or a collection form listing each members’ name, address and full postcode are enclosed, plus a clear indication that we The Nelson Trust can claim Gift Aid against their donations.

Can I withdraw a declaration on a particular gift?
If, for any reason, you decide that your gift should not be included in Gift Aid – perhaps you realise that you will not pay enough tax to cover the tax reclaimed by us – then simply contact our Fundraising Team on 01453 732072 and we will amend your record to reflect this.

Can I stop giving?
Completing a Gift Aid declaration does not put you under any obligation to give again – it merely ensures that we can Gift Aid on the donations that you have already made and any you may give in the future. This means that your gifts go further at no extra cost to you.

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