Drug and alcohol misuse can have a devastating effect on the families and friends of the person affected. Relationships very often deteriorate dramatically when addiction takes hold of someone’s life. The Nelson Trust aims to support families and friends impacted by addiction, and to give clients the best chance of a successful recovery by helping to rebuild damaged family relationships.

residential treatmentThe support of family and friends are very important for sustainable recovery from addiction. That support can only work if family and friends feel well informed about addiction and are involved in the recovery process.  But families and friends of people with drug or alcohol problems do not always get the support they require. Often people feel they need more information about addiction, about treatment options and about what “recovery” means for families.

Our treatment programme recognises the central importance of close relationships – both in addiction and in recovery. We aim to help clients to improve their understanding of family relationships, their awareness of family dynamics and communication, and to develop their confidence and their skills in managing their responsibilities as a parent, as a partner and as a member of a family in their recovery.

If you are worried about a spouse or partner, a parent or a child, a brother, sister or anybody else you are close to who is in addiction, then you are not alone and the Nelson Trust may be able to help you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us: our Admissions or Admin teams can put you in touch with a Nelson Trust family therapist who will be happy to offer you advice.

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