Frontline stories: From a Women’s Centre keyworker


Massive hugs to whoever is reading this. I don’t know who you are or what your background is, but I’m willing to bet that we share at least one thing in common – sense of awe, in watching our local communities pull together more than ever. Despite the initial hysteria and probable uncertainty, we’re all just doing our best to make it through this weird and wonderful time.

I myself, have triumphed over adversity. I’ve known the loneliness of social isolation and understand all too well the feeling that I have to battle through struggles alone. That’s precisely why I value the privilege of supporting the women in our community who are putting their trust in us during this instability and chaos. Despite how they are feeling internally, we are being trusted to stand in their corner and do what we do best – advocate and empower our women to get their needs met in a way which is conducive to their wellbeing.

Despite the pace of life seemingly at a standstill and the streets being ghostly quiet, for many of our women life has very much sped up. Children aren’t able to attend school. The weekly food shop lasts half the time it usually would. More money spent on gas and electric. Mum doesn’t get a break.

Right now, the importance of partnership working between local organisations is louder and clearer than ever. Agencies such as local Food Banks, Gloucester Feed the Hungry and The Barnwood Trust are a lifeline for many who would otherwise go without. The collaboration between organisations has meant that essentials such as food, toiletries and mobile phone top-ups have been provided to those who don’t have the means to source it themselves. We’ve managed to deliver a number of distraction packs to our women, both for themselves and their children too.

If you’re reading this and are part of one of the many organisations working tirelessly to support our local community from the front line right now – thank you. Your adapted approach and effort you are putting in, is greatly appreciated.

To my caseload and in fact all of the women we are supporting – we’re here. You’re not alone. We’ve got you.

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