Outcomes and Successes

A True Story - Henna tells the story of her transformation in her own words

A couple of years ago, Henna was staring at the prospect of a long prison sentence for supplying drugs. She was using cannabis and cocaine heavily, she was depressed, her family life was in chaos and she was homeless.   Henna tells us how trouble started, and about when things began to turn around for her:

Having being "dragged" unwillingly to ISIS at first, Henna felt she could really trust her keyworker, Niki, and together they worked to prepare her to face the courts. Whilst awaiting sentence, Henna managed to cut out her drug use completely and begin to make other important changes in her life; but with a long jail term hanging over her, would that be enough? 

When Henna received a community sentence she had to undertake some serious work to understand what had led her into offending and how to make lasting change in her life:

Life is very different for Henna today: she has a home and a family, skills, qualifications and a career path.  Above all she is free and in control of her own life: