Following our Story - August

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A Story with... Bob

Bob Jones* first arrived at the Nelson Trust in July 2008 after leaving prison in 2007. Since his early teens Bob had been drinking heavily, losing jobs and unable to turn up to work. Bob would drink and use and became unable to hold down a job. Prison provided respite. After leaving prison in 2007 Bob found accommodation but was living with people who were drinking and using and he knew he had to leave for his own good.

Bob completed his treatment at the Nelson Trust in four and a half months. He did so well that he was able to get help into independent living in one of our resettlement houses. In 2009, he was ready to move on. Bob loved every aspect of being at Nelson Trust; he was the model client. Outward bounds helped his confidence and self-belief grow and working out at the gym gave focus, distraction and a new social life. Bob knew this was the beginning of something - a chance of a new life. When Bob arrived at the Nelson Trust he was in debt and not well in himself, with many broken relationships. For him, The Nelson Trust was a haven.

Bob started volunteering at his local gym and as a result, was offered part-time employment. He gained Level 2 and Level 3 gym qualifications and still works there once a month alongside his new full-time job.

Bob has told us that without The Nelson Trust, he would be extremely and may even not be here today. He has often wondered if he hadn’t had the treatment, he could even ended up in prison or having psychiatric treatment. He been clean for six years.

Bob now aims to live a happy, productive life, involved with the community. Before The Nelson Trust, Bob was a very anti-sociable person. He is now full of life. Bob has told us that The Nelson Trust is a fantastic organisation, helping him to change his life around. Bob had no idea who he really was before he came to us for help. He has found himself.

* Name has been changed.