Our Staff

The Nelson Trust employs around eighty staff, supported by some thirty volunteers.

Our Admissions Team are there to enable people to get into treatment by managing the whole process from initial enquiries and applications right through the assessment process to the day of arrival for treatment: they help service users, commissioners and care co-ordinators with all the planning, administrative and financial arrangements.

Our Addiction Recovery Team includes qualified counsellors who are accredited to a minimum of Diploma level. The team also includes staff with a personal experience of addiction recovery who provide mentoring, coaching, practical advice and motivational support for clients in residence. Most staff have additional specialist qualifications in mental health, nursing, addiction or eating disorders.  They provide individual counselling, they manage therapeutic groups and workshops; they develop and run the treatment programme and safeguard the emotional well-being of all our service users.  Our recovery workers also provide structured one-to-one support for each client and look after the day-to-day running of our four houses.  They receive clinical supervision and regular ongoing training to ensure that our practice continues to be at the forefront of evidence-based addiction treatment.

The Education, Training and Employment Team run the education programme based at our STAR Centre (Skills, Training, Arts and Recreation) and work with the tutors, volunteers and community organisation who are our partners in this work. This team also supports clients who move on into our resettlement housing as they progress towards greater independence and prepare for the transition to work or study.

The teams at our Women’s Centres provide one-to-one support for every woman who engages with the service. 

Our Finance and Administration Department are responsible for the efficient management of all our activities, looking after the fabric of the buildings, our finances, human resources, and compliance with all our statutory responsibilities.   

The Fundraising and Business Development Team, supported by a volunteer fundraising committee, work with commissioners, business partners, donors, supporters and grant-giving bodies to ensure our long-term continuity.  Their aim is to ensure that resources are targeted where they can have the greatest impact in transforming lives.  

Senior Management Team

John Trolan - Chief Executive
Stuart Thornton - Finance Manager
Rose Mahon - Head of Excellence & Development
Louise Temple - Head of Administration & HR