Abbie’s Story


Abbie* was referred to The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre after identifying with multiple vulnerabilities and complex needs. Abbie was a high-risk victim of domestic abuse by her ex-partner. In addition, she and her partner were targeted by a drug-gang who supplied them with harder drugs, e.g. crack and spice.

Abbie also suffers from severe Emotional Adjustment Disorder, PTSD, Fibromyalgia and Anorexia. Initially Abbie’s reaction towards the keyworker was defensive, scared and worried. Her keyworker was able to break down these barriers via regular one-to-ones in a safe environment and gradually began to build trust with Abbie.

Abbie was able to safely identify that she required help with debt and her keyworker was able to clear her debt. This in turn encouraged Abbie to be open, honest and willing to engage with not only her keyworker but with the various activity groups at the Women’s Centre with other women accessing the service.

Abbie is supported by various statutory organisations; however she did not understand their role nor how they were required to assist her. It began to cause her a great deal of confusion, stress and anxiety and therefore her keyworker arranged a multi-agency meeting with Abbie in attendance to establish effective collaborative work to support Abbie.

The keyworker ensured that Abbie was included throughout the meeting and understood the discussion. Subsequently the other organisations have a greater awareness of trauma-informed approaches and how vital it is to make Abbie feel safe and believed to encourage her to continue making positive choices. Her keyworker is in the final stages of obtaining a mental health care coordinator and supporting her with accommodation.

You can support our Women’s Community Services by:

Donating online here to stand up to domestic abuse on International Women’s Day 2021

Buying something for our Women’s Centres from their Amazon wishlists

Signing up to our Steps for Freedom fundraising challenge in April 2021

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

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