It’s Panto season again

 It’s Panto season again and in true tradition the Nelson Trust clients put on a skillfully adapted version of the Wizard of Oz. Read More

Family Focus Christmas Party

Each year our Family Focus team organises a Christmas party for all clients accessing the service. Read More

New group to support men in recovery.

The Men's Personal Growth and Development Group (MPGDG) is an eighteen session gender-responsive, trauma-informed treatment programme for men adapted from "Helping Men Recover"(Stephanie S Covington, Dan Griffin, Rick Dauer 2010). Read More

Volunteering - how it has helped me

John’s Experience……  Read More

Former clients and staff came along to our bi-annual reunion event.

Former clients and staff came along to our bi-annual reunion event. Read More

Family Focus - see what we have been up to on our summer programme....

With recognition for the benefits children experience from being able to use their imagination and creativity this year's summer programme was designed with just that in mind. This year was busier than ever with a full timetable of activities including Art and Crafts, Story Time, Adventure Walks and First Aid.  The programme was attended by children from 23 families all of which are involved with Family Focus as a result of parental substance misuse or domestic violence.     Renovating a room and building a Den: During the art and craft session the young people enjoyed experimenting with materials including mudrock, paints, felts and many more. Using scrap materials they have redesigned and renovated a gloomy basement room into a cosy den with handmade furniture. Read More

Former Client carries the Olympic flame

Nick talks about life after Nelson Trust, how he has found his dream job and what his plans are for the future. Read More