Family Focus

Our Family Focus service works to support the healthy development of family relationships and reduce risks to children by working with everyone in the family from infants to grandparents, whether individually, in groups or in family settings.  

Who is the service for?

Family Focus works with families that live in Gloucester City only and have a Child Protection or Child in Need plan in place where:

  • families are affected by addictions
  • children and young people are affected by their parents' addictions
  • carers of other people's children and carers of people with addictions
  • families are affected by domestic abuse

Who can access this service?

The service is currently available to any family living in Gloucester City that is subject to a Child Protection or Child in Need plan with the Pod (new social care) teams. If you would like to talk with someone about the service in more detail or wish to make a referral on behalf of a family then please call our team.

What the service offers?

Family Focus offers a comprehensive clinical family intervention service. The clinical team includes Family Therapists, Play Therapists, and Couple Counsellors. The service offers a comprehensive assessment followed by a tailored treatment plan for the whole family. We seek to identify where substance misuse or other harmful behaviours have directly impacted on relationships within the family system and we aim to support the development of sustainable healthy relationships and parenting.

What to expect if you are a new client?

You will be invited to a meeting with a member of the team at Belsize House, Brunswick Square, Gloucester. Each family member will have an opportunity to talk through their point of view and their experience of family life, including children, grandparents and anyone else who may be important in your family.

Once everyone has talked through the situation as they see it, we will agree a plan of action that will help to meet the needs of every member of the family. This might mean that different members of the family will be offered different types of support for example:

  • younger children may access play therapy
  • couples may be offered a course of counselling
  • parents may be able to get help with parenting difficulties
  • whole families may be involved in coming together to explore problems

What else do we do?

We work in a wide range of settings including schools, residential treatment settings and local community venues. We run groups which support family and/or carers of substance misusers. We can also undertake commissioned work for a range of psychological interventions, training and consultancy work.


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